Travel security

From Novosibirsk to far away locations in Brazil, we offer travel security for virtually any place on earth. Be it the development of new markets in foreign countries, travel arrangements, choice of hotel, Hospital and doctors, specially trained drivers, sightseeing, safe travel routes, consideration of foreign cultures and trains of thought or the sounding out of new locations for your business – we have the bespoke and perfect solution for you.

Furthermore we offer you access to our network.

Services Travel security

With pleasure we will advise you individually with the practical experience implementation of accessing new locations.

  • General consulting
  • Travel security
  • Briefing of your teams
  • Reconnaissance on location
  • Dossier provided to you or your team
  • Access to our network
  • Reception and accompaniment on location
  • Accompaniment from the day of arrival until day of departure

Special service for the Balearic Islands

  • Accompaniment to the notary
  • Executive security including chauffeur service, helicopter or yacht
  • Villa service (Mallorca)
  • Dog patrols (Mallorca)
  • Avoidance of house occupation (Mallorca)